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Server Configuration Monitor


System- und Anwendungsänderungen nachverfolgen

Konfigurationsänderungen im Laufe der Zeit vergleichen

Konfigurationsänderungen mit der Performance korrelieren

Manage and monitor PowerShell scripts


Integration in die Orion-Plattform

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Don’t let unauthorized configuration changes slow down or interrupt application performance. SolarWinds® Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) is designed to detect, track, and compare system and application changes in your environment. Built on the popular SolarWinds Orion® Platform, you can gain systems change visibility in a unified and full-stack monitoring experience. Be able to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem by easily comparing configuration changes over time and correlating them with performance metrics. Not only is SCM a powerful system administrator tool, but it is affordable with an easy-to-understand node-based licensing model.



      Detect systems and application setting changes in real time to on-premises, cloud, or virtual servers
  Track and compare what changes were made and by who, even changes made offline, thanks to agent-based monitoring
  Correlate changes in server and application configurations with network performance, and pinpoint potential configuration issues
  Automatically detect servers that are eligible for monitoring
   Out-of-the-box configuration profiles for the most common servers
  Monitor and alert on changes to the output of PowerShell™ scripts
  View and report on hardware and software inventories
  Easily integrate SCM into your system monitoring solution thanks to the Orion Platform





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